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If you find yourself traveling on South Korean airline T'way this summer, there is a chance you may find yourself on a very special plane, one decorated inside and out with photos of K-pop star Oh Se-hun.



The plane has been decorated as part of a Chinese fan club's efforts to celebrate Oh's 26th birthday. On April 12, visitors to the COEX Aquarium in Seoul had the opportunity to see two divers swimming through a tank while holding a banner wishing the star a happy birthday.

这是中国粉丝为庆祝世勋26岁生日组织的应援活动,世勋中国粉丝团,世勋吧的管理人员告诉Global Times的记者,这是韩国艺人第一次有这种大型的飞机应援广告投放。?因为需要民航部门审核而且没有先例可寻的原因,应援飞机5月27号才实现运行,将在8月27号结束应援活动。




In China his fans are called xunqi. Xun is the Chinese pronunciation of the last part of Oh's name, while qi is used in the Chinese word for "knight," together it roughly translates to "Knights of Hun."




Falling in love

确认过眼神 是值得喜欢的人

Mengmeng (pseudonym), Ohsehunbar's communication manager, told the Global Times that they hold all kinds of promotion activities because they wanted more people to know about Oh.

粉丝的应援的心理就是“家里有宝一定要让人知道”,这个飞机应援的策划者世勋吧负责外联的萌萌(化名)告诉Global Times的记者,他们为爱豆组织了各种各样的应援活动。




Apart from putting advertisements and posters on South Korean TV and transport hubs, Ohsehunbar once took out a full color page ad in the New York Times to celebrate his 25th birthday in 2018. According to Mengmeng, that was the first time the newspaper had published a fan-backed add for a K-pop star.

一言不合,来个《纽约时报》彩色全幅广告吧。 据世勋吧称,世勋是在李英爱之后韩国有此待遇的第二人——后者还是6年前韩国政府企业为宣传韩国传统美食而投放的广告。

Many fans are attracted by the star's good looks and charisma on stage, where he makes complicated dance moves look easy. Oh also frequently shows up on highly popular reality shows, such as Running Man and Star Show 360. He has also starred in several period dramas as well as Netflix's variety show Busted! and won the StarPay Popularity Award at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards.



据说,世勋是小学六年级在街边吃年糕被韩国娱乐巨头SM星探相中的,被韩媒称为“拥有黄金面孔的男艺人”。世勋和EXO经常出现在韩国最热门的综艺上,比如跑男、《Star Show 360》,还有奈飞第一部全是韩国演员阵容的实境与综艺脱口秀节目 《犯人就是你》。 世勋18年还拿到了亚洲明星盛典的人气男演员奖。

"We were touched by him and began seeing him as a role model the more we saw how diligent he is on stage and how sincerely he treats his fans," Mengmeng said.


Another fan told the Global Times that she became a devoted Oh fan after she saw the idol's reaction to a stage accident. During a performance in 2015, Oh hit his head on a camera arm and had withdraw from the show. Feeling guilty, he shed tears as he returned the stage later to reassure his fans.

一个选择匿名的粉丝告诉Global Times的记者,让她成为一个坚定的“勋骑”的,却是世勋舞台受伤之后的反应。那是15年的一次演出,世勋在舞台上不小心头部受伤,不得不退出了团队接下来的演出。演出结束后,当他回去安慰为他担心的粉丝的时候,因为没能完成演出而愧疚和遗憾的他,在舞台上流泪了。

"That was the first and the only time I saw Oh cry, which made me feel heartbroken and proud at the same time," the fan said.



Sharing the love


Another facet of Oh's family is charitable work.


"I have always been grateful for the love from my fans. If this great love can be shared by more people, will you and I be happier? Even if it's just a little bit, it will mean I contributed slightly," Oh wrote in the letter on EXO's official fan site in 2018.



他写道:“一直一直都对大家充满着感激。 那么多的爱,我想如果不只是我一个人而是与更多的人分享的话,会不会让我更温暖,也让大家更温暖,所以虽然只是小小的帮助,我也在贡献小小的力量。”

He has also led the way by putting his words into action. He took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014 to bring attention to ALS. He also visits child welfare institutions to meet and give gifts to the children there. In 2015, he joined several Chinese celebrities in recording a short video for director Xue Xiaolu's Action for Autism project.


In response to the idol's call, Ohsehunbar has carried out many charitable projects, including sending medical and other supplies to disaster areas and welfare houses. In April 2018, a five-kilometer road was built in an impoverished village in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province to celebrate the star's birthday. A bridge is now under construction there as well. The fan club also donated money to build a dance practice room for children at a special education school in Dingzhou, North China's Hebei Province.



Mengmeng told the Global Times that the club is not alone. Millions of fans support the star by buying their idol's albums and other merchandise and sometimes raise money through events. Within Ohsehunbar, there are different teams in charge of carrying out different tasks, such as a finance group, translation group and art group.

萌萌告诉Global Times,所有的活动都来自于数以百万计的粉丝的支持,世勋吧内部也有不同的分工部门,比如财务组、翻译组、美编组。

"We are all volunteers and take part in running Ohsehunbar during our leisure time," Mengmeng said.


It certainly seems that Oh has achieved a bit more than just stardom in China. Besides his legacy as an entertainer, he also has inspired people to go that extra mile for others.


文/翻译:Liu Zhongyin


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